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Take Home

To pre-order please call us on (03) 9650 3155 or order online here.

We are accepting pick up orders from 11AM-5PM. Pre-orders can be taken during our office hours Monday- Saturday (11AM-5PM)

Next day delivery available for orders placed before 2PM
$7 delivery fee applies. Free delivery for all orders over $200.00
We are delivering within a 12km radius

     Our main dishes and curries are vacuum sealed and is ideal for freezing


Butter Chicken
(Include uncooked rice, roti and raita)

Lamb Curry
(Include uncooked rice, roti and raita)

Vegan Curry Sauce
served with an assortment of raw vegetables
(includes uncooked rice, roti and raita)

Chicken Tikka (4 pieces) 

 Tandoori marinated ½ Spatchcock 

Burrata, coriander relish and roti 

Tandoori marinated Trout fillet  


Dal (200g)

Tonka’s Cabbage Salad with Nuoc Mam Dressing



Gulab jamun

Sticky date pudding


Tonka Survival Kit – rice, sugar, flour, butter, milk and eggs 

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